Follow the Leader: Top 5 Landing Pages

Because the landing page is so important when it comes to your website, finding a good one to follow the steps of can be difficult.

Every page is unique – you obviously don’t want to copy another page, but you want the same results. If you want to be a leader, you have to hang out with leaders.

The top 5 landing page examples can help give you an idea of what works, what is successful and what can drive more traffic to your page.

manpacks  If you’re a woman, the chances that you’ve never heard of this website are high. This is why this page may be successful.

Their target audience is men and they make this very clear; not only from their extremely manly background, but because their upfront headline: men’s underwear, socks, razors, condoms and more.

There is no excessive text clutter and the registration is simple. The website implies that men all over the world have already signed up and they even have back-ups from big names such as Men’s Health and Forbes.

On the bottom left you can read some of the reviews and the bottom right offers you a live-chat option. For men who would rather have their skivvies mailed to them, it doesn’t get any better than this.

netflix  Because Netflix is such a popular household name as it is, people make the mistake that they don’t need an effective landing page since their reputation precedes them – but they have one.

Their image is family-oriented, which is what Netflix offers: choice movies for your entire family. They’re straight to the point with what their services provide and immediately give you their lowest costs first.

Not only do they give you a free gift if you sign up, but once you do click that button, their sign-up consists of registering your email and creating a password; simple.

Towards the bottom, they tell you what devices you can use your account with, what else they have to offer and how easy it is to cancel your subscription if you are unhappy; a definite cake-walk.

epiphany is a website that specializes in better digital marketing, if you didn’t get their purpose off of their landing page.

Surfing through their website is not only easy but with the visuals and creative text images; it’s easy to get caught up reading into what it is they do. They use images and words to help you choose what you’re looking for in terms of marketing as well as easy-to-understand options. For example, ‘talk to us’ replaces ‘contact us’.

One of the tricks they implemented that gives the site more credibility is listing some of the top names and brands they’ve worked with; some of their clients, including Middlesex University and Kempinski Hotels, which is a luxury hotel group in Europe.

squarespace  The landing page for is definitely one to takes notes from. The best part about their easy to understand homepage is that once you click ‘get started’, you immediately get to start. There is no registration before you begin; you immediately start creating whatever page you’re looking to create.

They offer a menu at the top in case you are left with unanswered questions, but keep it out of the way for those who know what they want to do. Squarespace decided that visuals were much more effective than flooding their landing page with words – they were right.

They even have arrows to allow you to choose your own image for their landing page – whether you’re a mobile user, computer geek or do everything from the tablet.

bearcss is a great tool for web designers that is not only set up for easy access but let’s face the facts: it’s totally adorable.

The cute, working bear points out exactly where you need to go to begin your work. With one click, you’re immediately taken to a page to upload your HTML, where it is then turned into CSS templates.

If you’re not a web designer, this may sound like tech-savvy jargon, but that’s where their target audience becomes clear.

At the bottom of the page, they give you the brief history, who to contact if necessary and what the website is all about. There is no requirement to sift through pages and pages of data.

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