Five Key Strategies to Make Your Mobile Marketing Tick

mobile  Apple once referred it to as a โ€œPost-PCโ€ planet and the truth is that we are quickly drifting towards a very mobile-driven world. โ€œThe traditionalโ€ functions which were fast associated with the PC are now realizable through mobile phones.ย  Todayโ€™s consumer is more likely to access your content via a mobile app or mobile web than a desktop computer. The road to mobile marketing has been a long and dynamic one with technologies evolving overnight and businesses retooling their mobile marketing strategies to meet emerging needs and technologies. The WAP-based and SMS mobile marketing strategies of 5 years ago may no longer be relevant in a new epoch dominated by cute apps and โ€œprogressive enhancementโ€ which permit developers to relay content uniformly across multiple devices with varying screen resolutions.

The huge shift towards mobile usage is verifiable through the stats on mobile phone usage globally. In the US alone, there are some 91 million smartphones and with the advances in technologies, millions are using these smartphones exclusively to access the internet.ย  Businesses must leverage mobile technologies in their marketing efforts so as not to miss out on a crucial audience, opportunities and a fresh marketing pipeline.ย  Some of the key mobile marketing channels which businesses can deploy include mobile apps, QR codes, responsive web design, IVRs or Interactive Voice Responses and SMS marketing.

There are several strategies which these businesses can embrace and leverage in order to realize the full power of mobile marketing. ย Here is an ever-fresh guide to mobile marketing which you can rapidly deploy in your business so as to tap into the key mobile market:

Embrace Responsive web design

This is undoubtedly the hottest trend in mobile marketing and many digital marketing agencies are increasingly offering the responsive web design services which result in websites which can be rendered across a multiplicity of devices.ย  The websites will be device invariant or device neutral and offer a very optimal viewing experience across the whole spectrum of viewing devices and screen resolutions from laptops to smartphones.ย  Incorporating responsive website techniques is therefore crucial step in mobile marketing.

Make it interactive

Make it as interactive as possible.ย  There are many aspects of mobile marketing which you can embrace to increase the interactivity of your mobile marketing venture.ย  For example, you can make maximum use of location-based features to provide your customers with both time and location information.ย  The most important thing here is to generate a very personal connection with your audience so as to build loyalty. You want your customer to be very familiar with your brand by going the extra mile to reach out and there is a way this overlaps with the next strategy to assist you in building a highly relevant mobile-based marketing for your products.

Track and monitor your mobile campaigns

It is very important to develop insights on the kinds of visitors who come to your website. This you can accomplish by tracking the keywords in the mobile searches which generate phone calls more frequently. The beauty with mobile marketing is that you can actually trace an incoming call to a particular keyword. This will prove very useful in helping you understand the keywords which generate the most revenues for your business.ย  Calls can be tracked from multiple sources including banner ads, QR codes, Google Mobile Paid Search and referring mobile apps and sites.

Use a call to action

A direct call to action is the surest way to maximize conversions on your mobile marketing campaigns. This is especially so as latest mobile technologies allow users to make direct purchases of products from the mobile applications and interfaces. It is therefore important to leverage and exploit every opportunity to sell to the ready buyer as you display your ads on mobile.

Measure your ROI

It is very important to measure your ROI and redemption rates of your mobile marketing campaigns.ย  A sure way to plan for future campaigns is by having clear projection on what those campaigns will yield for your business.

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