Ever Wished Your Content Would Go Viral? Here Are Some Ways To Make It Happen

content-mktng-300x200  One of the keys to content marketing is creating content that potential customers actually want to see and read. But it’s not just enough to create great content, you also have to maximize the number of people who are going to be exposed to it. The best and probably the most common form that content takes for online marketing purposes is articles and blog posts. If writing is not your strong suit, you can always consider outsourcing your writing needs by utilizing freelance writing services such as writingassist.com and thewritersforhire.com. There are plenty of other out there but what we’re concerned with in this article is making your content go viral so that as many people will see it as possible.

So how exactly do you make an article or a blog post go viral? The following are some tried and true methods to maximizing the exposure your marketing content gets.

Create an E-Book of Your Articles

Once you have a few articles under your belt and have posted them to your blog, you can compiles articles and posts on related topics into an e-book for distribution on your website and through your email list. You can also create a safelist which is essentially the same as an email list but has the feature of being membership based. Safelists can be used to send e-books and other content to customers who have signed up to receive marketing materials. You can also let recipients know that they can feel free to redistribute the material to their network as well.

Diversify Your Subject Matter

Creating articles on a variety of topics is a great way to reach more people. Your business likely only covers a single topic like tax accounting or public relations. But you can and should create content that covers a broad range of subtopics within that general category. For example, if your business is public relations you could post content about ways to create better titles for articles, the best format and word count for particular article topics, or simply how to write a compelling article or blog post. Diversity is key as too much of the same content will get old fast and alienate potential readers.

Post Your Content on Forums

There are online forums for just about every conceivable topic under the sun. You can be sure that your content will go viral if you post your articles, either in whole or in part, on forums and discussion boards that are relevant to your area of expertise. It’s not usually recommended that you post entire articles but it’s not unheard of. However, the better way to go would be to post excepts or even just the title as part of your contribution to the discussion and include a link to your website or blog URL where that content can be found.

Always include your full name and a link to your website whenever posting content to places other than your site or blog. People want to know that the content they are looking at actually has a real person attached to it. It makes the material more relatable and thus people will be more apt to pass it along to others in their network.

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