Destroying Your Landing Page with These 3 Mistakes

internet-  The landing page: the most important aspect of your website because it is the first thing a customer sees.

Putting all other definitions aside, the landing page has only one job and that is to allow conversions. You want people to encounter your landing page and automatically be turned on to sign up or register with your website.

If youโ€™re having difficulties getting people to sign up or register with your landing page, there may be three things you are doing wrong.


Everyone has opened an email that slipped by the spam inbox and been offered a certain amount of money to complete surveys; or offered full size products if you sign up at their website.

Itโ€™s tempting. Working from home is hard work, but filling out surveys for money seems fairly easy. So you sign up and probably get a $5 bonus but when you check in to take your first survey, you realize the payout is only $.10. Not only is it ten cents, but it takes an hour โ€“ so youโ€™re making approximately $.50 – $1.00 an hour. Isnโ€™t that just splendid?

People donโ€™t like gimmicks nor do they look to be deceived. It is important that your landing page doesnโ€™t make false promises or have deals that are obviously too good to be true. If youโ€™re offering a free eBook, do not charge a handlerโ€™s fee or slip in a signup charge. Nobody wants to be taken for a fool and that is a sure way to drive customers away.

Too much to offer

As much as gimmicks are annoying, a cluttered landing page can be equally as unimpressive. Didnโ€™t your parents tell you not to give it all away on the first date?

This is the same theory for your landing page. Donโ€™t give every single piece of information and free offer or discount your site has available. Allow the user to search around a little and get a feel for things themselves. If you show every discount, coupon and membership offer on the front page, youโ€™re not going to gain any traffic in other areas of your website, such as your blog or product pages.

In fact, if you can receive everything just by visiting the landing page, people are simply going to enter in their emails, retrieve their gifts and never visit your page or read your emails again.

Providing one simple offer with a signup is just enough to hook the customer in for reeling.

Bad photos

Fortunately for everyone, clipart is dead. You may be asking when this tragedy occurred, but the answer is not soon enough.

Clipart and unoriginal photos can destroy your landing page. Theyโ€™re boring and uncreative. Nobody wants to see stock photos or someone who doesnโ€™t even look real modeling your products and services.

People enjoy being able to relate to your brand โ€“ they want real life experiences; they want their next door neighbor using your products or someone they know. Take the Dove commercials, for example. While they do have celebrity endorsements, they also use real women in their YouTube videos to make it easy for other women to relate to them. They open the eyes of the actual consumer rather than someone the consumer wishes they could be.

Your landing page is what may make or break a sale. There will obviously be people are uninterested in your brand but you donโ€™t want them to be driven away because you design a poor landing page. If you need more information or exclusive marketing tips and landing page design, contact us today.

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