Crush Your Competitors with These 4 Marketing Tactics

checkmate  As a small business owner, you already know that the better job you do of marketing your business, the greater your success will be. With so many new small businesses launching each day, the chances are that you have some direct competitors that are vying for the same customers you’re targeting. In order for you to stay ahead of the pack you have to do everything in your power to outwit the competition so your business has the upper hand. Here are four marketing tactics to employ that will help you edge out the competition and grow.

Know Your Enemy
It’s said that one must know their enemy well in order to defeat their enemy. This saying is true when it comes to marketing because if you don’t know what your biggest competitors are doing right, you won’t know how to do better than them. This is why you should take a good look at your main competitors to see what types of marketing tactics they’re using. Are they making use of local media such as newspapers, radio and TV? Do rely heavily on signage? Make it a point to find out what marketing tactics your competitors are using and then consider using a few of them yourself. Get copies of their advertising leaflets and brochures and look at the key selling points and messages. The point is that you cannot successfully position yourself against your top competitors if you don’t know what marketing tactics they’re using to attract new customers.

Focus on Your Specialty
Once you’ve found out everything you can about your main competitors, think about what your business offers people that is special or unique. For instance, if you run a local bakery and take great pride in the fact that you offer home delivery build a marketing campaign around this great service you provide. Consumers love conveniences and they’re attracted to businesses that go a step further to offer personal service. Another idea is to make a few changes to a product or service you offer by bundling it with some extras in a way that meets the specific needs of your customers. Then again, build a marketing campaign around this theme to show you go the extra mile for the people you serve.

Go After New Customers
If you feel you’ve reached the maximum market share in your niche, why not reach out to a new market? Maybe you can add a new product line targeted toward a specific group of people that will amp up sales and help you gain a whole new set of of customers. Remember that the businesses that do very well are always evolving wherein they reach out to new groups of customers by offering them products and services they need and want. Is there a brand new product or service trending in your industry the hipster generation is fawning over? Then consider finding a way to offer that product or service and then reach out to that crowd by advertising where they tend to congregate both online and off. 

Spruce Up Your Image
Think about what message your business image is sending out. Are you working out of a brick and mortar store that is unattractive and outdated? Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, a new welcome sign and some nice decorative touches like plants and lamps can do wonders in drawing people inside. Make a big deal out of your business makeover. Distribute fliers and put advertisements in local newspapers announcing you’re making some great new changes. Take a good look at all your marketing materials and tools including your business cards, stationery, packaging, clothing and website to see what could use some updating. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to freshen up your image and when you do it right,  you’re sure to turn heads and draw new people into your business.

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