Copywriting Mistakes That Will Hold Your Business Back

crumpled-paper  Now you have your business running for a while and you are using every marketing opportunity and tool you can get your hands on. Your branding is in great shape and your target audience is right, but still, you are not getting the sales you desire. Well, the only reason behind such a situation is messaging. The main purpose behind copywriting is sending a message that will get people interested in what you have to offer and buy your products and services. Most people do write the message, but is the message right? Here are a number of copywriting mistakes that can deter you from achieving your goals;

1. Marketing Without A Voice

It is either you have lost your voice or worse, you never had one. This is all about brand personality. What makes you unique? Who are you? What do you want people to do? What are you offering? The voice in your copywriting should not be what people are used to; you should create your own style that will attract people to you. Being different is good in a world where competition is the order of the day. Be different in positive ways that will make your audience trust you by speaking their language.

2. The Road Map Crime

If you are travelling in new places, you will need a map to guide you to your destination, the same applies for copywriting. Most people get lost in this early stage of making the right marketing copy and end up in the tangles of business marketing. People are attracted to organized things and your message is no exception. Plan well on how to convey your message and make everything unique and originality should be used widely. If you get off track at the early stage, you will have lost the interest of the audience before they get the message.

3. You Are Too selfish

Selfish is not a word you should have in your vocabulary when marketing your business. The reason why you want customers to come buy from you is because you want profits but you should focus on what your business will do for them. Instead of spending typing hours explaining the features in your products or what your service has, concentrate on explaining how the products and services can make the consumer’s life better and do it in a mild way to avoid exaggeration.

4. You Either Forgot Or Think Too Much About Your English Lessons

Let’s be honest here, if you are not a decent writer such that your copy is full of grammar errors, misspellings, tense shifting problems and you are addicted to using acronyms such as OMG!, then turning off an audience is not a big deal. Use all resources to fix your mistakes and if you do not have the time, invest in a professional copywriter or editor. On the other hand, you might be the English expert, congratulations; you are also at great risk of writing an ineffective copy. Writing a copy that is too formal full of big words can chase away the audience because people want to read interesting stuff simply written. Loosen up a little bit and bend or break a few English rules here and there to make things interesting.

5. You Have no Call to Action

Writing an effective copy is as good as its end. After writing a great copy, you should never leave the reader hanging. Answer their questions before they ask. At the end of your message, tell them what they should do, if it is clicking on an offer, calling or visiting your shop, and while at it, give them an incentive that will make them want to follow your instructions.

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