Chiropractor Marketing in 2017

physio-1778029_640-300x169  Every chiropractic business needs a website and a blog at minimum. The website should be easy to navigate, well organized and emphasize videos and images. But you must also have a blog that is informative and entertaining, and that has actionable and useful content. What is useful content? Any content that a consumer can use to fill a need. For example, a piece on how people can do specific exercises to decrease back pain would fill a real need and be something that is actionable.

To drive more conversions, you should also create a newsletter that you send to your email list that offers discounts and price packages, and drives users back to your website and blog. But because your business is brick-and-mortar, you can also print out the newsletter and display it prominently at your front desk and the waiting area of your business so that customers can take it with them or read it while they are waiting to be served.

Another way to market your business is to hold β€œOpen Houses” every few months in which you offer free examinations, hand out freebies and invite consumers in your local community to come by to meet the team. Open Houses give you the chance to interact with prospective clients, but they also personalize your business in a way that isn’t possible through digital marketing.

Finally, I think a lot of chiropractors are missing the boat on referrals from physicians. That is a gold mine that you can tap as a short cut to reaching your target consumer. A lot of your patients likely have a physician they trust, so that is one way to create your target list, by looking at your patient information history to find the doctor listed on the form. Once you’ve compiled your list, you would then need to create an action plan. Do you want to set up an appointment with a doctor to discuss your practice and how you can better work together with patients you have in common? Do you want to create a research document about the benefits of your services backed up by evidence, then drop that document off at the doctor’s office? Whatever plan of action you take, the goal is to create a rapport with a doctor that you can build on to market your business in a way that feels organic and advantageous to both your practices.

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