Benefit From Google Analytics By Tracking Your Business Keywords

Google Analytics has this fantastic feature: Auto-Tagging. This helps measure the performance and quality of the keywords you use on your website. For those who use PPC marketing tools, this is extremely useful since it will help you review which of your keywords are creating the most number of conversions.

Another benefit you can get from Google Analytics Auto-Tagging is that is automatically turns on your keyword tagging by instantly connecting your Analytics account to your Adwords one. With that, you donโ€™t have to manually tag your keywords again in your Adwords account if you already have them in your Analytics account. Then, Google Analytics will track each of your keywords to be able to give you a report on how effective each one is.

After learning how amazing Google Analytics, now you want to set up your Auto-Tagging feature. Itโ€™s so easy!

  • First, sign into your Google Adwords account.
  • Then, click on the โ€œMy Accountโ€ tab.
  • Look for the โ€œTrackingโ€ feature and click on โ€œEditโ€.
  • Check the โ€œDestination URL Auto-Taggingโ€ option.
  • Then, click โ€œSave Changesโ€.

After doing those simple steps, the auto-tagging feature on your Analytics account will be updated. You will now receive reports on how your Adwords campaigns are doing and how effective your keywords are converting.

Instant benefits of Auto-Tagging:

  • Get to know which of your keywords are converting the most.
  • Know how much traffic is generated by each keyword.
  • Be able to choose which high-performing keywords to use and the low-conversion keywords to remove.
  • Improve your search engine optimization ranking by incorporating keywords that have high traffic and conversion to your online content. Utilize these keywords in your meta tags, title tags, article captions, video descriptions, etc.

With the very important information and results that Google Analytics will provide you, you will be able to maximize your presence online. Manually, you wonโ€™t be able to see these kinds of results. Plus, since itโ€™s free, you will be able to enhance all your online marketing efforts and increase your profits without adding anything to your expenses.

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