Balancing Emergency Customer Need & Marketing Prowess

When a customer is dealing with an emergency, it’s unlikely they wish to read your most beautiful and intelligent marketing prose. They want to know what you do, why it will benefit them, how much you charge, and when you can come to resolve the issue. While not all firms will need to consider this potential client need (it’s unlikely that someone will need to buy a new sofa in an emergency situation, for example), the companies that can cater to this possible requirement really do need to accommodate it.


That said, this doesn’t mean you should throw out all your marketing prowess and insight in one fell swoop. There’s a balancing act at play here, between accessibility, and of course, making sure that a potential customer chooses you over others.Β 

In this post, then, we’ll discuss how to balance emergency customer need and marketing prowess in equal strokes, so that you can better curate your website and contact possibilities to gather as much of this business as possible:

Make Separate Landing Pages For Each Service & Location

It can be tempting to write one large page which gives your visitors a handy resource to see everything you do, but this can take too long to read, and search engines won’t raise text or image dumps to the top of their rankings. This is why it’s good to be careful about how you present your information, as splitting this up into separate pages for services and locations can be helpful, and with a little company-specific optimization, like roofing SEO, you can ensure a better outcome.

A Frequently Asked Questions Page Helps

FAQ sections not only provide customers with an immediate answer, but they can provide confident responses to save your support staff from having to answer the same questions daily. On top of this, search engines can provide your answer in their own search results list, allowing you to become an authoritative resource. Moreover, the FAQs won’t have to be pre-empted and never changed, you can alter these as customers do ask questions frequently. It’s not hard to see just how beneficial this can be in the long term, and the positive effect it might have from there.

AI & Live Chat Personnel

AI chatbots can allow for the answering of questions, or at least helps those visiting your website find the contact information to your support team when they need it. You can also use live chat personnel to provide this function during the work week. However, you can also tailor these AI bots and professionals to upsell, to refer to landing pages, or even to become a one-stop resource for handling complaints or guiding someone through your business app. As you can see, this serves as a marketing tool you can proudly discuss, but also a functional utility that helps you guide customer focus in the best possible context. It’s not hard to see why people find value in that outcome. Leveraging tools like this is marketing wisdom, but also provides accessibility for customer needs, even in emergencies.

With this advice, you’re sure to balance emergency customer needs and marketing prowess in the same time.

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