6 Ways To Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

Facebook can be a useful marketing tool, but the sad truth is that many people are not using this social media site to the fullest of capabilities. These six fantastic tips can help you ensure that you are one of those who are taking advantage of everything Facebook has to offer.

1. Use High Quality, Correctly Sized Images


When people are scrolling through their news feed, they will only see glimpses of images. Sometimes these images have been downsized so they don’t take up so much room. If the images being used are not of the highest quality, then they are not going to make a very good impression. In fact, they might end up being overlooked completely. Using images of the highest quality can help your posts get noticed more. The images should also be of a large enough size that they are easily viewable.

This doesn’t just apply to the items you post directly to your Facebook page, however. It also applies to those images you post to your website- if you plan to share the articles on your Facebook account, that is. Since Facebook uses the largest image as the preview image for articles, try to ensure that the image you wanted used is slightly larger than the others.

2. Add A Facebook Share Button To Your Website

Adding a Facebook share button offers you the opportunity to reach more people. Remember that while likes on your company’s Facebook page account doesn’t always directly translate to sales, it does translate into more people being exposed to your company on a regular basis. Anything that will help to expand your reach or get you out in front of the public eye is a vital tool.

3. Use Google Analytics To Monitor Your Facebook Account

Many business owners already use Google Analytics for their blog or website. Most people haven’t yet realized that they can also use this fantastic application to keep track of their social media accounts as well.

4. Install Facebook Like Box On Your Website And/Or Blog

A Facebook like box can be installed on your website and your blog. It is a little box which enables people to like your page directly from the site they are already on. There are multiple ways that this like box can be presented as well, so you can choose whichever one best fits your personal tastes. The design ranges from a simple like button with the name of your page next to it, to a much more complex version with pictures, followers, and most recent posts. Why do you need this? Well, anything which makes it easier for people to like your page and follow you is a good thing.

5. Leverage Appropriate Post Times

There are certain times of the day when more people are online. It is during this high traffic times that you are more likely to gain more engagement on your posts. This tends to vary based upon who your target audience is. If the people you are targeting are home all day, your posts may garner a lot of attention at all times. If they are professionals who work banker’s hours (eight to five), then your posts will probably be engaged be seen most when your audience isn’t at work, or are on their lunch break. A bit of common sense and some research can help you to determine what the best times are for your own company.

6. Be Consistent

Consistency is key in all of your business endeavors. You not only need to be consistent in your content, but you also need to be consistent in how often you post. Whether you post to your Facebook account once, twice, three times or more a day, make sure you are staying right around the same amount. For example, if you normally post three times a day you shouldn’t post a ton more or less than that. People learn what to expect and you do not want to break those expectations.


Using these seven tips can help you maximize your Facebook marketing efforts. You will no longer be one of the many who fail to properly utilize the social media site. Instead, you will be one of the few who does utilize the site to it’s fullest, thus gaining an edge over your competition.

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