6 Landing Pages That Should Truly Inspire You To Do Better With Yours

How do you convince new visitors to take the leap and dive into your website? You start with a perfectly optimized landing page.

Your landing page is the first impression that new visitors have of your business. Think of it as a soft place for them to land after they have made their way through the SEO jungle that placed them at your door. It is here that you have the chance to get acquainted with, and potentially convert each visitor into a paying customer.

With Google getting over 100 billion searches each month, finding a way to attract people to your site and convert them is becoming more challenging than ever. The key for small business is to develop a landing page that optimizes their ability to connect, and form relationships with, each new visitor.

The most successful landing pages are built with key structures that catch interest and drive conversions. To illustrate these key structures, I have put together a list of six examples of the best in landing page design. Letโ€™s look at each one and discover how their success can become yours.

Invite Them To Stay By Making It Harder To Leave: Nanigans


Once visitors land on your page, you want them to stay long enough to see what you have to offer and opt in to your CTA. About half of your views will want to spend less than 15 seconds on your page. Optimizing your landing page to make it a little more difficult for them to leave in those 15 seconds will result in them taking the time to look over your page content and possibly become interested enough to submit their information.

The Nanigans landing page is a great example of this:

  • The logo in the upper left-hand corner is not hyperlinked, so visitors canโ€™t easily navigate away from the page
  • The CTA is front and center
  • They have highlighted a major incentive of signing up at the beginning of the text, encouraging visitors to stay and read more
  • There are two CTA links that compliment, rather than compete with, each other
  • A chat messenger immediately pops up to answer visitor questions before they have the chance to back out of the page
  • Practically every element of this page is designed to encourage the visitor to stay a while, get acquainted and ask questions

Attention Grabbing, Focused Headlines And Subheadings: Semantics3


The headline is the spot where our eyes are trained to land. Each visitor to your site is expecting to find out why they need to be on your page somewhere in those few lines of text.

If you leave them unsure of why they are there, chances are they are going back away, no matter how great your lead generation strategy.

The headline on your landing page should be clear and concise, and your intent needs to be obvious. Does this mean that your headline and subheadings should be boring?

Absolutely, not.

Look at how Semantics3 uses a powerful headline strategy to motivate visitors to schedule a demo:

  • The main headline states in no uncertain terms what you get
  • The subheading appeals to the visitor on a more emotional level while being consistent with the main headline
  • The CTA button stands out in color and is located directly underneath the headlines
  • As a bonus, they have added value by including a free trial CTA in the navigation bar

Semantics3 shows us how a strong statement can excite engagement and create new leads.

The Irresistible Value Statement: Google Cloud Platform


What is one thing that pretty much everybody loves?

Something for freeโ€ฆ or at least really cheap.

When you have a reputation for quality, and one of the first things your visitor spots when they land on your page is an incredible value message, it is going to grab attention.

Google Cloud Platform shows us how to achieve the instant value message perfectly:

  • The word โ€œfreeโ€ clearly stands out in four different location
  • The CTA lets visitors know that they are not bound to a long-term commitment
  • A great monetary incentive is promoted

You can easily adopt Googleโ€™s strategy here on your own landing page by including at least one value driven statement.

When Getting Started Really Is Easy: Strikingly


What is the single most important goal youโ€™re trying to accomplish with your landing page?

The answer is capturing visitor information.

These are the details that will help you appeal to your visitors in a way that will ultimately drive conversions.

This is great, but letโ€™s face it, nobody wants to sit around filling in long capture forms. Granted, there are situations when a long form is more appropriate, but chances are those people landed already expecting to spend some time filling it out. Your goal is to appeal to the people that didnโ€™t know they wanted to engage.

  • The capture form only contains three fields, meaning visitors will invest minimal time
  • The information gathered is just enough to be able to reach out to them. There is no need to enter personal information
  • The capture automatically signs them up for a free account
  • They have eliminated elements that make navigating away from the page difficult. The capture form IS the path to navigating away from the landing page

Strikingly gets that keeping it simple is the secret to keeping it successful.

Get Them To Push Your Buttons: Gumroad


You have a CTA button, but so does everyone else. Visitors to your site may be so immune to CTA attempts that ordinary pleas for โ€œJOIN FOR FREEโ€ or โ€œDOWNLOAD NOWโ€ will be passed by without a second though.

There is no reason that your CTA needs to be boring. In fact, companies with the best landing pages know that CTA copy that strays away from the standard variations can be just what visitors need to get excited about your product.

Gumroad took this approach with their landing page:

  • The CTA is written in the first person
  • The text immediately connects the offer to the viewer
  • When the visitor clicks, they feel a greater sense of excitement because the CTA mirrors what they feel

The takeaway here?

Donโ€™t be afraid to step out of the box with your CTA

A Little Of Everything: Muzzle


A great landing page is a combination of features that leave visitors hungry for more. I couldnโ€™t resist including this landing page from Muzzle.

There are so many great elements here that itโ€™s difficult to pull out just one:

  • The design is clean and simple
  • The headline and subheading leave nothing unanswered
  • The CTA is one of the few color elements on the page and located directly in front of the viewer
  • When the visitor lands on this page they are greeted with rapid fire texts of embarrassing situations. This adds humor and relate-ability.

Most landing pages are created with an attempt to get better acquainted with the visitor. Muzzle has created a page that makes the visitor want to get better acquainted with them.

A great, optimized landing page will convert visitors into customers?

Does yours have what it takes?

Take inspiration from these pages that do it right, and transform your landing page into your number one marketing tool.


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