5 Hacks to Make Your Marketing Life Easier

Whether you’re a business owner looking to market your products online or an individual looking to build up a following, there are a few things that will make your marketing journey a little easier, so let’s take a look at them right now.

1. Using Video

It seems insane that so many businesses, organizations, and individuals are still so hesitant to use video in their marketing campaigns when so much of what people do on the internet centers around watching video clips. In fact, in 2019 alone, the amount of traffic the average website received via video content almost doubled, and that was 2 years ago! It’s pretty safe to say that video is even more popular, and profitable now.

Video marketing works so quell because it is easy to digest, gives a visual representation of products and services, so people can see what they are getting, and it takes less effort to consume than text. So, if you do nothing else, start making professional marketing videos today and make things easy for yourself.

2. Working with Niche Marketing Agencies


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If working with a marketing agency is something you want to do, instead of wasting your money on a generalized marketing company, choose one in your niche; one that knows your products and services, not to mention the market you’re targeting, inside and out. There are countless niche marketing agencies from this great Kickstarter marketing agency for those of you looking to crowdfund your ideas to medical marketing agencies for healthcare companies, and they are more effective because they know your market. Work with them and your campaigns are sure to be more fruitful.

3. Keep It Real

One of the simplest marketing hacks pretty much anyone can employ is to keep it real and be more authentic. Keep the jargon and the trying too hard to a minimum and just speak to your customers on their level. They’re more likely to trust you when it doesn’t feel like you’re going in for the hard sell, and when they can see who you are and what you’re about, they’re more likely to form a connection with you and/or your brand.

4. Keep an Eye on the Data

If you’re running a marketing campaign, but you’re NOT monitoring the data on a regular basis, you’re making things harder for yourself than they need to be. Not only will you not be able to identify what you’re doing right so you can keep doing more of the same, but you also won’t be able to identify where you’re going wrong, which means you could be spending a huge amount of time and money on a worthless campaign. The data matters, so make sure you don’t neglect it.

5. Listen to Your Customers

Your customers are the people you are trying to reach, so listen to them. It really is that simple. Ask them for feedback and suggestions and act on them and your marketing efforts will benefit massively as a result.

Here’s to a happy marketing life!

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