4 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

email-marketing-300x161  Email marketing is pretty self explanatory. There isn’t a lot to what it entails and it’s pretty easy to do, especially if you have hired the right copywriter.

As easy as email marketing may seem, it can be difficult to create a successful marketing strategy that works for everyone. While some emails work for certain customers, others are not as satisfied with the strategy you have created.

There are several tips to creating the perfect email strategy that can satisfy even the most difficult customers and clients you have.


What is the focus of your email? This is an important question to ask. If you cannot answer it with a few words, then your focus is probably on the wrong track.

It is important to focus an email on problem-solving. Since the customer or potential client has already expressed their interest by signing up for emails in the first place, making a lot of selling points may not be as effective as you would think. They are well aware of what your product is – now they need to know the reasons it would benefit them.

Be sure to offer a direct plan of action and why they need your product rather than what they need. Focus on what your products have to offer and how they differ from other products, rather than plugging in the products they need to purchase.

Be Kind and Creative

This is an obvious tactic that should be used in all aspects of your business.

Make sure you’re creating emails that are creative and capture their attention. Use visuals – emails that are simply text often get deleted almost immediately because they’re too long to read. Give the reader a reason to continue scrolling down rather than hitting the trash button.

Be kind – thank them for their continued subscription or loyalty. Offer options for them to share your business or website with their friends. This includes a place for the common Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons.

Keep your content interesting and share some data with them. Let the customer know that their continued support is what is helping your business grow and that you appreciate that they are along for the ride. Be sure not to include any specific numbers in how fast your business is growing.

Simplify if Necessary

Remember that most of the population checks their email from a mobile device, whether it is a cell phone or a tablet. Using forms that are mobile friendly can be the reason a customer reads your email in the first place.

Offer a text only or html version of the email and be sure to keep your visuals to a minimum. While visuals can be helpful, too many of them can be overwhelming and cause phones and iPads to freeze.

Keeping an email short can get your point across but still be effective.

Use Polls

For clients that you’ve had for long periods of time, using polls can be a great way to get some insight as to what is working and what isn’t.

This not only gets you some help but it gets your readers involved. It makes them feel like their opinions do matter and that their ideas can help their browsing process go a little smoother.

Keep polls and surveys easily accessible by including them in the emails rather than sending the reader to a separate site. Leaving their emails may lead a customer to exiting the screen because they weren’t finished with what they were doing.

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