4 Creative Ways to Market Your Next Event

When planning an epic event, you want everyone to know about it to ensure an excellent turnout. Aside from getting people through the door, you want them keen and excited. You’re probably buried deep in figuring out how to create a buzz and build interest. Although you may have the whole kit, including social media, email marketing, and webinars, you must do something different from the usual to help your event stand out. Below are four creative ways to make your next event the talk of the town. 

1.  Create Anticipation 

Creating anticipation around your event will lead to a powerful force called FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out. You’ve probably felt it at some point. It’s like when you think you might be missing out on something super awesome and are eager to jump in. You can use this trick to amp up the excitement for your event. Show people why they absolutely can’t miss it. Start by sharing high-quality pictures and engaging videos from your past events with captions like “You’ve got to be there!” To turn up the FOMO factor even more, you can give them a little taste of what’s coming up, like a sneak peek of the event or quick chats with your awesome speakers. Share some juicy highlights so people can see how exciting and insightful the event will be. That is how you get them buzzing. 

2.  Score Big Savings with Early Bird Registration 

Everybody’s getting savvy these days and always looking for the best deal. Let people know they are in for significant savings when they sign up for your event early. Offer a special discount code for every early signee and spread the word everywhere – in your videos, on social media, through email, you name it. However, this deal should not last forever. Make it a limited-time offer. This way, people will be motivated to get their tickets knowing they’ve missed their chance once the expiration date arrives or you run out of tickets,  

3.  Join Forces with Other Brands and Sponsors 

Sometimes, joining forces with others is the best way to get the word out about your event. First, consider having event sponsors who are excited to help spread the word about your event. But that’s not all; collaborate with influencers and cool companies for brand collaboration and partnerships. They’ll give your event a shout-out to their own audience, and that’s a win-win. 

The people you partner with will largely depend on your industry or line of business. For instance, if you run a travel agency and decide to host a tourism event in Vermilion, engaging organizations like Discover West Tourism to assist you with your event promotion will prove helpful. They can help boost your reach and amplify your upcoming event. It’s all about reaching people who may not have heard about your event yet. 

4.  Create a Unique Brand for Your Event 

Giving your event its distinct brand is a nifty trick to make it stand out. You can take a page from Hubspot’s book with their INBOUND event. INBOUND, for instance, is more than just a gathering for their customers. It’s a place for any marketing, sales, or service pro looking to up their game. The key here is to separate your event brand from your company brand. That means a new website, fresh colors, and a different messaging style. It’s all about drawing people who might know your company but are all in for your event.

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