3 Ways To Leverage National Social Media For Your Dealership

Hundreds of millions of users log into their choice social media every day, looking for some hot news and connecting with their favorite brands and businesses. The only question here is: are they connecting with your local automotive business?

How to Use National Social Media for Your Dealership


Itโ€™s simply insane not toย use social media for your dealership, especially given the fact that people are using them to find local businesses nowadays. If you take a look at recent social media marketing and business statistics, you might be surprised to learn that consumers trust companies that have online presence, specifically social media pages, more than those who donโ€™t. To actually get sales for your auto business and not just casual visitors, however, it will be smart to take advantage of the verified social media pages of the brands you offer. Hereโ€™s how to do that:

Find and Connect with Your Prospective Customers

It doesnโ€™t matter if itโ€™s Porsche, Ford, Toyota, or Chevrolet youโ€™re selling. All those big brands will always have verified international social media pages. Majority of them uses Facebook and Twitter, but a handful also connects with consumers via YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. By visiting the brandsโ€™ pages, you can interact with prospective customers in your area and get them to visit your own social media page and website. You can even follow the brand pages to collect relevant consumer data (e.g., location, age, income, preferences, and the like), which you can use to improve your social profile content and to develop future offerings and promotions.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

The problem with most big brands is that they have millions of followers, thousands of which may comment and raise questions at any given time. This makes it really difficult for the brand page managers to give quick and appropriate response. However, it makes it easier for you to get into the scene and establish yourself as an authority figure.

By consistently offering useful information and responding to customer queries, you can easily use social media for your dealership page development. Soon enough, people will take notice and personally contact you to check out your auto deals. If you get impatient while waiting, you can casually bring up the link to your social media page or website; with the good reputation you build, people will find no reason not to click that link.

Get More Search Engine Love

Most internet users today rely on search engines (e.g., Google) to find solutions for their problems and locate businesses within their area. If you want more users to find and learn about your business, then itโ€™s crucial to get more search engine love. You can post relevant content on your social media pages to get it, but that might not be enough. To back up your business pages, you ought to post content, along with your business name and links, in other corners of the Internet and that, of course, includes your website, blog if you have one, and the social media pages of the brands youโ€™re selling.

Starting a social media page is a piece of cake, but using it to improve the sales of a local automotive businessโ€”or any business for that matterโ€”can be tough. Fortunately, connecting our local shops with the verified social media pages of national brands can make our marketing campaigns easier and more successful. So why donโ€™t you consider applying the social media marketing tips we shared with you today?

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