3 Strategies for Better Apartment Marketing

buildings-498198_640-300x183  IDEA 1: Show Properties Virtually

With so many visual platforms to advertise properties, there’s no excuse for you not to provide 360-degree panoramic virtual tours of your available properties on your website.

Virtual tours provide every detail a tenant would want to see before they commit to a live walkthrough, but it also sets up positive anticipation that could put you just one visit away from snagging a qualified tenant.

IDEA 2: Use Signage

You can use traditional signage to target prospective tenants with billboards at local strip malls, on buses or on grocery carts and on the back of receipts.

But you can also use digital signs to draw prospective tenants, because they offer the flexibility of changing or updating the information you convey – such as discounts and rental packages – without sacrificing text, graphics or color choices.

IDEA 3: Offer a Referral Program

A tenant referral program can help attract qualified candidates who are similar in profile to your existing tenants. So instead of having to sift through a whole bunch of applicants, who may not match your target market, let your existing tenants do the work for you.

Even if you only hit on three out of 10 referrals, chances are high that those three will turn out to be well qualified tenants who will prove to be as good as risk as the renters who referred them.

You can offer a rental deduction, gift certificate or some other freebie to every existing renter who refers you to a prospective tenant that fills out an application. Then you can add a second gift for the referral if the applicant becomes a tenant and signs a six-month or one-year lease.

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