3 Small Business Marketing Tips

business-marketing-300x198  One of the mysteries of the search engine universe is how to appear in the top rankings on Google’s search results. Website owners are often plagued with the never-ending question: how do I generate more traffic?

If you are left without answers to these questions, fear not! There are three secrets to generating more traffic for your page.

Be Aggressive

Seeing ads when browsing the web is almost inevitable, but the question still remains: where did they come from and how did they get there? It seems as though the Internet has become a much more successful place to market versus the television or radio. As a marketer, it is almost a requirement to be Internet-savvy. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are taking over the advertisement world, so becoming a social media guru can be just what you need to reach social media users everywhere. When marketing via social media, be sure to use short blurbs and sentences that grab the attention of your audience.

Hiring Freelancers

Negative reviews are another inevitable piece of owning a business. Whether the review is valid or has been written by the competition, once they are seen it is almost impossible to convince a customer otherwise. Some companies will use bloggers or freelancers to their advantage, hoping to badmouth their competition. Hiring your own freelancers can help give you the ammunition you need to defend your brand as well as get the positive word out about your business. Many freelance websites have bloggers, product reviews and more available for hire. With your own set of freelancers, this can give you the opportunity to boost traffic, sales and save the reputation of your business.

Utilize Social Media

Having a social media page for your business is a great way to allow customers to access information, see product examples and leave comments or reviews about your brand. Whether the comments of a consumer are negative or positive, they can offer you insight to how your products are viewed and what changes you can make to satisfy an unhappy customer. In this case, a freelancer can also assist in managing the social media pages of your business giving you freedom to work on other areas of your brand.


When it comes to owning your own business, it’s important to keep your advertising up to date with the speed of technology. The Internet has offered a new variety of marketing methods, so utilizing every tool the web has to offer can help create more traffic and new clients for your brand! Competing with big companies and name brands can be difficult, but following these three tips can help put you at ease when diving into digital marketing.

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