2 Facebook Apps That Local Businesses Would Benefit From

Some may think that only large companies gain from social media. This is not true! Local businesses can also benefit from social media like Facebook, you just have to know how to use it to your advantage. Here are 2 Facebook apps that would help your local business, no matter how small it is.

Facebook Places

Any Facebook user, group, or page for can use this app for free. It’s main functions are:

  • It notifies you every time a friend is in a nearby location.
  • It helps you find local places you want to visit.
  • It alerts all your Facebook friends whenever you check into any business or establishment.

Benefits of using Facebook Places:

  • Once you have a Facebook Places listing for your business, Facebook users will be able to see your business when they do searches relevant to your business. For example, you own a pizza parlor. Whenever a Facebook user wants to look for a place to eat pizza at, your pizza parlor will come up as ones of the search results.
  • Whenever someone checks in your local business on Facebook Places, their friends on Facebook will be able to see their check-in. This will create more awareness for your business and have more sales leads. This is best for social businesses like hotels and restaurants.
  • It’s like free advertising! The more Facebook users see your business on Facebook Places, the more people can check in. This way, hundreds, thousands, or millions of people on Facebook will become aware of your presence – without you lifting a finger!

Facebook Deals

A great way to entice Facebook users to follow you on Facebook is by offering great deals with your product or service. You can give away freebies for every purchase, discounts, coupons, etc.

Examples of common Facebook deals:

  • Loyalty rewards: Customers who check in on your Facebook Places in your physical store 5 times can get a 10% discount.
  • First 20 people to visit your store can get a free trial or free product.
  • Group coupons: You can get a coupon code for a discount when you tag 10 friends.

Facebook Deals is a perfect tool wherein you can offer your target market good deals that they can’t resist and they will share that with their hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook.

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