10 Powerful Marketing Strategies to Use This Year

Some of the very best marketing strategies that are ever used are the ones that reach out to people as the humans they are. Marketing is about far more than just numbers and it’s very important that any business owner understands that before they get into business. If you can’t understand your customers, then you’re not going to get very far! People are what counts in a business and you have to arrange your marketing strategies so that you are putting the needs of the people first.

You need your marketing to be powerful and that takes knowing what the best marketing strategies are and how they work in the first place. When you know these two things, you’ll know which way your marketing strategies should go. Whether you are focusing on SEO or you are aiming to focus on social media as a standard, you have to know that the strategies you’re using will work.

Below, we’ve put together some of the best, most powerful strategies for your business marketing. 


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  1. Start with a new budget. Every department and aspect of your business has to have a budget. If you’re hiring for the IT department, you need to know you’re hiring the right people and you’re spending the right money to meet your goals. When you are budgeting for your marketing, you have to think about the effective free marketing options vs where you need to invest your money. Marketing IS an investment in your business and your future.
  2. Start working on being seen. A big part of getting your brand out there is in how you are going to be influencing your audience. The most successful marketing plans out there can help you to achieve the biggest profits and the widest brand audiences. When you build that influence, you will be seen by more customers and you’ll be able to focus on your goals. Your influence will help you to build traction for your business, which is exactly what you need.
  3. Pick just one social media channel. It’s very easy to spread your message across multiple social channels, but when you do that you’re going to find that you are spending time and money advertising in a place that you’re not getting any views from. So, if you’re advertising on Facebook but you’re not getting the traffic from Facebook, stop wasting your time and money. It’s not going to be worth it!
  4. Work on your email marketing. People may think that email marketing is dead, but the truth is far from it. You can build a real rapport with your customers through email, especially if you choose to send out regular emails to your loyal customers. Over half of all marketers claim that email is the marketing channel that is most effective when it comes to building profits. They’re not wrong!
  5. Keep blogging. Not only do you need to get your blog out there, you need to make sure that your blog is written strategically. Starting a blog is one of the best ways that you can drive targeted traffic to your site, and if marketers are using their blogs to get leads, you need to do the same thing. Find your niche, include pictures and where possible, make sure that you are spending time writing as much as you can from a human point of view, not all in ‘professional speak’.
  6. Learn what’s going to impact SEO. Your audience has expectations and if you want to be able to rank for specific keywords, then the best thing that you can do is to focus on low competition, long tail keywords that will show up in the search engine results pages. You need to use tools like SEMRush, too, as that will be helpful to get your web pages out there properly.
  7. Get everyone on board. Your management team, your marketing department – they all need to be on board with your marketing planning. This will make sure that you are all upholding the same values for the work you’re doing. You cannot do it all alone and you shouldn’t attempt it, either! 
  8. Keep learning from your audience. You should take the lead with your marketing strategy based on what your audience is telling you. Market research is going to be the best thing that you undertake so that you can learn everything you need to learn about your current processes and whether they’re working or not. You can only learn this from your audience – so ask them everything you want to know about your current marketing so that you can learn whether it’s working or not.
  9. Keep an eye on your site landing pages. You need to remember that the pages that people see when they head onto your website are going to help to shape the first impressions that you make on your audience. While most of the experts are going to recommend that you start your marketing campaign with a landing page, you have to focus on how your readers are going to take action when they click on it. Have you told them to add their email address to the newsletter signup box? Have you told them how you want them to contact you? These things are important and they’re known as ‘calls to action’. These calls tell the audience what their next steps should be. 
  10. Make sure that you stand for something. A big part of attracting the right audience is in making sure that you stand for something. Whether it’s a charity that you want to support or you want to showcase that you are an eco-friendly sustainable business, you need to make sure that this is visible on your website so that your customers can see it all. The way that you present yourself to your customers really does matter, and this should be a priority of yours if you want to be successful in your marketing. Take your time with this – the light you shine on yourself really does matter!

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