10 Amazing Marketing Tips for Startups

When you have a new business, it’s important to follow marketing steps to get your business off to a good start.

1. Sell to Existing Customers

Research shows that it costs 5 to 6 times more expensive for a company to bring in a new customer than to make an existing one buy again. You should know that the best source of potential Customers is your existing Customer List. Eight out of ten will prefer the same business again if they are satisfied with the Product and its services.

2. Sell the Benefits of Your Product and Not Its Features


You have to remember that people buy the “advantages” of products and not their “features”. People do not buy cars, but they buy speed, status, style, performance, or safety. They do not buy shampoo, but buy beautiful and clean hair. Discover the most important benefit that your product offers and show it in your market.

3. Motivate Your Customers to Do Something to Get Them Involved

Your ads should be active and not passive. Tell them to visit your store, motivate them to make a phone call to you, send you an email asking for information, visit your web site, come over to see your work and products up close. To make marketing work positively for your business, you need to tell your customers exactly what you want them to do.

4. Communicate Clearly with Your Customers

You may know what you are talking about, but do your customers know? You need to understand that people do not constantly think about your business or product and that they will only pay half attention to your ad – even when they pay attention to it! You need to look at your ad from the outside as if you were a customer. You need to make sure that those who read, hear or see the ad fully understand the main message it wants to get across.

5. Make Public Relations a Part of Your Daily Routine


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Socialize more and meet new people (go to the gym, join a club, or participate in volunteer events). Remember that the customers who are most likely to buy from you are the ones who know you and know your business. You may also need a manager to assist you with all this – look at unrulyagency.com for assistance.

6. Showcase Your Professionalism

It is not enough to be a professional, you have to show it. Start with your logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. A complete corporate identity makes your business look “bigger” and you more professional.

7. Build Your Own Website

You have no excuse for the website you do not have, whatever job you do! More than half of the population visits the internet at least three times a week. E-commerce is also constantly rising even in our country. Your online presence is now considered imperative.

8. Don’t Constantly Be Trying to Sell to People

Take out that mentality. Try to become a “consultant” to your client. Someone who can see his problem and can suggest reliable solutions. When the Client treats you as his personal advisor, the chances of selling increase significantly.

9. Stop Talking and Start Listening

This is a simple one, but the customer always knows best.

10. Make a Marketing Plan

The “life” of a business is its customers. Marketing is the process that gives you more customers and more sales. A marketing plan helps you set your goals, shape your advertising plan, shows you the marketing tactics you need to apply, and measures their effectiveness. It basically helps you determine the “path” you need to follow to achieve your goals.

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